Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trip to Baltimore Museum of Art

 Last week we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art.  We were able to look at real art up close instead of a picture on the computer screen.  This allowed us to view the details that can not be truly appreciated on the computer screen.  Two examples of this are the brush marks that artists use and the pure size of the actual painting.  Viewing art in person is much more fulfilling than just scrolling through pictures on the internet
    While we toured the museum, we were asked to pick three works of art that we liked the most.  The three I chose were: "Still Life with Pitcher and Plate" by Felix Vallotton, "Basket of Fruit" by Pierre Bonnard, and "Landscape of Beaucaire, near Provence" by John D. Graham.  My personal favorite was "Landscape of Beaucaire, near Provence" for many reasons.  The two main reasons were because the colors were very vibrant and full.  It made the image really pop out and I enjoyed that.  Also, the use of shadows.  I was memorized at how the artist utilized darker colors and angles to make the image of a shadow.  I know many artists do this, but this just stuck out to me.  

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